2011 Volunteer Drill Schedule

1st, 3rd, & 4th Mondays

Drill Schedule

1st/EMS3rd/Meeting, Drill4th/Drills
January CPR & AED Hose: Loads & Lay/Nozzles/Foam Salvage/Overhaul
February Bleeding Control/Shock Management Extrication PP Auto Extrication
March Chest Injuries ICS/Fire Safety Fire Ops/Simulator; Fire Behavior
April Soft Tissue S-130 Review Progressive hose lays/Mobile attack/Handlines
May Neurological/C-Spine, KED Drivers Safety; Maps/Driving Hrs. Driver Operation/Maps
June Airway emergencies (OPA, NPA) Forcible Entry PP*; Hand tools Forcible Entry*
July Environmental RIC PP* RIC/FF Survival*; Mayday
August Peidatrics/Trauma Assessment Commercial/Residential Ventilation* Ladders/Ventilation*
September Diabetic Hazmat FRO Single Co./Wet Drill
October Breathing Emergencies/O2, BVM Water Supplies Multi-Co. Fire Attack; Live Fire Training Tower
November Musculoskeletal Helicopter LZ Multi-Story/FDC/Sprinkler
December O.B. Skills Mask Fit Test; Donning & Doffing SCBA/Buddy Breathing; Bottle filling

Shift Captains will be responsible for training that falls on their scheduled days, unless training has been scheduled by the Department Training Officer.

* Truck training Skills