Special Enforcement Programs

Seasonal enforcement programs are initiated each year. The annual weed abatement program seeks to mitigate potential fire hazards during the peak fire season. Property owners with vacant lots or alleyways are notified in May or June to mitigate the stated problem. Parcels must be maintained through the month of September. Non-compliant parties are subject to citations and/or fines under the Uniform Fire Code. To report violators, contact the District's Fire Marshal at (209)599-4209 between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

The Fourth of July festivities are another significant code enforcement activity conducted during the year. Inspections are conducted on every fireworks booth in the City of Ripon, prior to operation. Furthermore, spot inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the Uniform Fire Code. We actively participate in the annual fireworks display hosted by the City of Ripon. Pre-event preparation and oversight is conducted to ensure a safe and enjoyable show for Ripon residents and guests, alike. Periodic meetings with the company responsible for the fireworks display are held; inspections of the proposed fireworks display preparation are also conducted to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.