Operations - Fire

Fire Ops 6The Ripon Fire District covers an area of approximately 55 square miles. Only 3.5 square miles is within the city limits. This area and Franzia Winery property on Highway 120 are the only two areas within the district that have hydrants. Within the city limits of Ripon, 5" large diameter hose (LDH) is used for all working fires. This essentially brings the fire hydrant to the fire scene for an unlimited and uninterrupted water supply. However, this leaves approximately 50 square miles that have no permanent water supply. This warrants a different tactic when fighting fires in the rural areas of our district.

The Ripon Fire District uses a system of portable tanks and Water Tenders to shuttle water from the nearest water supply to the fire scene. We have one water tender with a 3500 gallon water tank. The Ripon Fire District's participation in mutual aid agreements provides access to four additional 3000 gallon tenders from neighboring districts, should the need arise. When a large fire occurs, the first tender on scene can drop its portable tank on the ground, and then dumps its load of water into it using special quick-dumping valves at the rear of the vehicle. The tender then proceeds to the nearest water source to refill. The next tender on scene repeats the process. This provides a greater volume of water that can be moved to fight the fire.

The District complies with federal OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements for "two in/two out" by establishing a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) using personnel from the first-due Engine and Rescue. We then go one step further to ensure the safety of our members by assigning a safety officer to every major incident. District personnel implement the Incident Command System on all incidents, excluding medical runs.